RV There Yet? Grand Canyon National Park T-Shirt (Unisex) Mauve

Grand Canyon National Park RV There Yet? Collection

Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most popular parks in the USA. In 2018, park visitors reached an all time high of 6,380,495 visitors!! That’s awesome when you think about it. That’s over 6 million people getting off the couch and getting outside!! This has inspired our Grand Canyon National Park RV There Yet? collection.

Aaron M. Scullin’s (owner of Hitched4fun.com) earliest memories was a family vacation to Grand Canyon NP. Tired from all the miles on the road, Aaron remembers asking his parents the question, “Are we there yet??” This helped inspire our new collections of “RV There Yet?” designs by Graphic Artist, Patrick Scullin.

Our “RV There Yet? Grand Canyon National Park” Collection is a perfect gift for anyone who loves Grand Canyon NP. It’s a perfect destination, weekend get away, or day exploration place. Start collecting RV There Yet? T-Shirts from all you favorite destinations!!

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Fun Grand Canyon National Park Statistics

  • Declared a National Park on February 26, 1919
  • Park Visitors
    • 1919 – 37,745
    • 2018 – 6,380,495
    • All years combined thru 2018 – 218,121,627!!!
  • 2018 Camper Count
    • RV Campers – 68,000 <— Everyone that’s Hitched4fun!!
    • Tent Campers – 139,004
    • Backcountry Campers – 337,790
    • Concession Lodging – 663,982
  • Slowest Month – January
  • Busiest Month – July

Did you catch that above? 2019 is Grand Canyon National Park’s Centennial Year!! What will you wear to commemorate 100 years????

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