RV Flag Pole LED Camp Locator Package

Best RV Flag Pole 2022

Best RV Flag Pole 2022 – Whether you are looking for a great deal, portability, durability, versatility, or ease of use, this RV Flag Pole (Deluxe 22-foot, 2 flag) is for you.

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This RV Flag Pole is a terrific addition to any RV, Travel Trailer, or Fifth Wheel. Proudly fly your favorite flags! This pole comes standard with 4 rings for up to 2 flags. Optional rings sold separately allow you to fly up to 4 flags at the same time!  


What makes the Best RV Flag Pole in 2022?

If you love camping and RVing like we do, you have surely thought about getting a flag pole for your RV, Travel Trailer, or Fifth Wheel.  Flag poles are a great way to proudly fly your USA flag, favorite college flag, favorite NASCAR team flag, etc.  The best RV flag poles are collapsible, portable, versatile, easy to use, and don’t break the bank.  They should also come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer!

Best RV Flag Pole Features:

  1. Collapsibility – Our flag pole collapses down to 48 inches and reaches a maximum height of 22 feet.  It’s just the right height for your flags and small enough to store anywhere in your coach while traveling.  With optional flag rings, you can fly up to four 3 foot by 5 foot flags at the same time!  That’s awesome.
  2. Portability – Our pole is made of heavy duty fiberglass.  This makes it strong and light.  The entire pole, chrome topper ball, and flag rings fit nicely inside the included custom stow bag.
  3. Versatility – You have options.  Super windy day?  Nervous about fully extending the pole?  No problem.  This pole allows you extend any number of sections you want at a time.   You don’t have to fully extend all sections.
  4. Mounts – No matter what your application, we have a mount that will work for you.  We have carry frame, ramp, tire, and ladder mounts.
  5. Ease of Use – No tools necessary to assemble.  Set up and take down all done in a matter of a few minutes.
  6. Great Price – All these features included for a very reasonable price.
  7. Lifetime Warrantee – Break a section?  No worries, our manufacturer repair and or replace the broken section.  Now that’s terrific!!