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Dutch Ovens for Snowbirds

Dutch Ovens for Snowbirds – Kits include everything a snowbird needs to jump right in and start cooking today!!

Our Lodge Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven Starter Kit is custom designed by Hitched4fun.com for Snowbirds and RV campers.  They include everything you need to jump right into the hobby of cast iron dutch oven cooking.  Yum!!  All you need to add is briquettes, ingredients, time, family, and fun.

No matter how large or small your snowbird camping family is, we have you covered.  Starting with our 2 quart oven, which is great for two snowbirds, up to our 10 quart oven that can feet a whole snowbird encampment.

We have six size options for you, a 2 Quart, 4 Quart, 5 Quart, 6 Quart, 8 Quart, or 10 Quart.

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Each Kit Includes a Lodge Camp Dutch Oven,  Tote Bag, Seasoning Spray, Oven Lifter, 4-in-1 Tool, and Cook Book.

Lodge Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven Starter Kits are a great addition to any RV, Trailer, or Fifth Wheel adventure.

You can pretty much cook anything you do at home in a dutch oven with little or no modification.  It’s a whole lot easier than you think!

Read our blog post on the history of Dutch Oven’s and learn how to make a cobbler yourself.

A Dutch Oven was most assuredly one of the most valuable items to own right up there with a horse, gun, sturdy bedroll, and a gold pan!  Due to their versatility, early Colonists and settlers, hunters, trappers, and campers of all types found them to be a most useful utensil.  Today, the States of Idaho and Utah lead the Nation in Dutch Oven use.  Give it a try!!

Let Aaron show you what’s in our kit.

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