Starlink RV Pole Kit -

Best Starlink RV Pole Kit

We sell the best Starlink RV Pole Kit on the market.  Starlink® has joined the RV industry!  Now you can have internet access almost anywhere you go and with speeds that rivel cable connections.

Stay connected while on the road with our Starlink RV Pole Kit.

Best Starlink RV Pole Kit

Starlink RV Pole Kit – Includes a powder coated mount, two 3.5 ft powder coated steel poles, hardware, and a strong Delrin plastic adapter for your own Starlink® Internet dish.

Easy solution!!  We did all the work for you.  Great for RV Camping, remote working, NASCAR races and more.

You can also use the selected mount with our RV Flag Pole (Deluxe 22-foot, 2 flag) when not using your satellite dish.

Made in America.


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Starlink RV Pole Kit


Let’s face it, you need to stay connected while on the road.  More and more of us are hitting the road as weekend warriors or as full timers.  We can’t be truly off line for very long before our kids start to complain or we have to reply to that pesky email from our boss.

You have probably spent hours of time looking at cell system coverage maps and read endless campsite reviews regarding the reliability of the campground wifi.  You’re sick of it.  We don’t blame you.  We are right there with you.  Those days are fading off in the sunset thanks to Elon Musk and SpaceX.  Woohoo!!

Our Starlink RV Pole Kit mounts are compatible with:

Time to ditch that pesky and expensive mobile hotspot and that TV dish package that’s costing you an arm and a leg.  Consolidate those bills into one internet package and stream everything through a Starlink® connection.  You can get surf the internet, take wifi phone calls, stream your favorite TV shows, and work remote all from one device!  The speeds they are offering are very exciting.  We have seen typical speeds anywhere from 5 to 250 megabits per second (Mbps) download.  We even saw 450 Mbps one day at the shop.  Holy cow, that’s fast.  Now compare that with your typical cell connection average of 27 Mbps.

The extra cool thing is you are now free to do this anywhere you want to boon-dock.  Set up your solar panels and you’re set.  This is where we came up with the best Starlink RV pole kit.  Nobody wants to leave their dishy on the ground where someone could easily pick it up and walk off with it.  We camp in the wild where all kinds of things can get in the way of your signal.  That dish needs to be up high where it can get a clear view of the sky.  Our kit does that for you.  We even have Starlink RV Pole extensions if you need a little more height.

Starlink® is a registered trademark of Space Exploration Technologies Corp (SPACEX).

Starlink® Internet receiver, dish, power cords, data cords and internet service are not included in this kit.  Pictures are for display and demonstration of how the kit works with your own Starlink® system.