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Gold Magic 12-E Spiral System Kit

We picked this Gold Magic 12-E Spiral Mining Kit with RVers in mind!!  Save a bundle of $$ by ordering these items as a kit.  It has most everything you need to start your mining operation.  All you need to add is a shovel and gold bearing dirt.  It’s light weight and compact too!!

The entire kit fits inside of the Wet Separation Tub which measures 22.5 inches (L) x 18 inches (W) x 11.5 inches (H) and weighs just under 23 pounds.  Fits easily in any trailer, 5th wheel, camper, etc.  What are you waiting for?  We take ours on every trip!!

This is sure to cure anyone suffering from “yellow fever”.  It’s just what the Dr. ordered!!


See our Gold Prospecting Video Instructions:

Want to learn more about gold prospecting?  Looking for a place near you or where you are camping to find gold?  Join the Gold Prospector’s Association of America.  We’re life time members of this great organization.  They have hundreds of claims all across the USA.  Once you’re a member, you get to KEEP all the gold you find!!!