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We carry the best Starlink RV Pole Kits on the market.  We did all the work for you.  One easy solution!!  Simply select the mount type you want and your Starlink kit ships complete right to your door.  Made in America.

Great for RV Camping, remote working, NASCAR races and more.  These kits are selling fast.  Act now.

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Starlink RV Pole Kit


Antenna Masts

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VERY IMPORTANT – This is a STRONG STEEL pole and it WILL hold your dish STEADY!  Don’t be fooled into buying other cheap poles on the market that flex and move in the wind.  That constant movement will BURN OUT the motor in the dish!  Don’t let that happen to you!!

BONUS – You can also use the selected mount with our RV Flag Pole (Deluxe 22-foot, 2 flag) when not using your satellite dish.

Starlink® is a registered trademark of Space Exploration Technologies Corp (SPACEX).

Starlink® Internet receiver, dish, power cords, data cords and internet service are not included in this kit.  Pictures are for display and demonstration of how the kit works with your own Starlink® system.

The Starlink® system offers high-speed, low-latency broadband internet in remote and rural areas all across the USA.  It can go anywhere you travel with your RV, Fifth Wheel, Travel Trailer, Van, or Truck.  No more dead cell phone or hotspot areas.  Those days are past.

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