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We carry the best Antenna Masts for RVrs – Excellent ECOM Antenna Pole for Amateur Radio wire antennas and more while RVing or during field day activities.  Add one of these to your next RV Adventure.

Meet your Amateur Radio ECOM companion.  Try one of the poles on your next RV, Fifth Wheel, Travel Trailer campout or field day event.  With our easy to use hitch or tire mount, you can set up anywhere easily.

We use these poles ourselves and that is why we are recommending them to you.  They are tried and proven work well in ECOM situations.  Take a look, from one ham radio operator to another, we think you’ll agree.

Antenna Masts

The owner of, Aaron M. Scullin K6AMS, personally uses his Antenna Mast (31 ft.) while RVing.

On January 25th, Aaron won the long distance challenge using the digital mode FT-8 while at Quartzfest 2020.  He made that contact 9,086 miles away using his Elecraft KX3, KXPA100 amplifier, SOTABEAMS two-band 20m/40m dipole antenna system (PDAS-200) mounted on his very own Jackite Thick Tip Fiberglass Antenna Pole.  So fun!!