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Quartzfest 2019 – Amateur Radio Event

Quartzfest 2019 – Amateur Radio Event – This will be our 4th year at Quartzfest! Amateur Radio Operators (Hams) from all across the USA come together and participate in workshops to 4×4 excursions. Come on out with your trailer, RV, or 5th Wheel and boondock with us for the week. Last year we had over 850 hams in attendance!!! It was a huge off the power grid city. Let’s make 2019 even bigger!!

Quartzfest 2019 – Amateur Radio Event will be held January 20-26. Don’t miss it. Don’t worry if you can’t make the entire event. Come out for one day if you can. It’s well worth the trip!

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New Product Release:

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(Disclaimer – www.quartzfest.org is the sponsor of this FREE event. Hitched4fun.com is a participant and we want to invite you all along.)

Do you want to become an Amateur Radio Operator??

It’s not that hard to do. No requirement to learn Morse Code. That’s all gone. You don’t have to learn it anymore. Yippee!!

The entry level license requires passing a 35 multiple choice question test. The test costs and first license costs approximately $15.00. The license lasts for 10 years!! If you renew it on time, you will never have to take the test again. By the way, you can take the test at Quartzfest 2019 too!

I recommend taking a FREE class to help you pass the test. Do yourself a favor and purchase a study book written by the Best – Gordon West!! He’s an icon in the Amateur Radio community. He breaks down difficult concepts and has great tips to remember the right answers!! Come to Quartzfest 2019 and you just might get him to autograph your book!!