Mountain Top Days T-Shirt Sale!!

The Original Running Springs T-Shirt

It’s Mountain Top Days time of year!!  Are you ready with a T-Shirt for the Mountain Top Days Parade and Fair??  We are!!  We have put together a collection of our Small Town USA T-Shirts for you to wear and to your show pride for your own town!!  Click here!!  Don’t delay and order yours now.  Check out our T-Shirts from Running Springs, Arrowbear, Green Valley Lake, Lake Arrowhead, Big Bear Lake, Fawnskin, Crestline, Twin Peaks, and more!!

Our very own Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce hosts the annual Mountain Top Days event each August.  It’s located right in down town Running Springs next to First Foundation Bank.  It’s an event for the whole family to enjoy. 

Events include a parade through downtown on Friday August 2nd at 6:30 PM and a Farmers Market on Saturday from 9 AM to 4 PM.  The Farmers Market not only has great produce and baked goods, but many other collectibles from local artists.  Come hungry too because they have great food to purchase and enjoy!!

Get your town T-Shirt for Mountain Top Days today!!  Click here!!

Small Town USA Collection:

Get your town T-Shirt for Mountain Top Days today!! Click here!!

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    • ascullin says:

      Thanks for the question. I added 3 red colored “Click Here!!” links in the post. You can click on the “Click Here!!” link or click on the text adjacent to each picture. Here is a link to use too.

      The links will take you into our store where you will find each town and the T-Shirts available. Each one has various colors and sizes to choose from. Toss them in the shopping cart and order. We will print up what you want and send it right out.
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